That's me, David. I was born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany.
Eversince I could remember, photography has always been my passion. The idea of freezing a situation a moment that just occured in this particular fraction of a second when I pressed the shutter - has always been fascinating me.

I did no courses, no professional education and have no degree in photography. All I've got is my two eyes and my sense for situations, moods, feelings and the constant desire to freeze them in my photos so that everyone else can sense this special moment as well.

Nearly all my photos are not posed - these situations just happened - and I was there at the right place, at the right time.

The money I earned with my photography has always been reinvested in magazines, books and better equipment to constatntly improve my skills and the outcome. But nevertheless, a good equipment doesn't make a good photographer.

At present I'm 28 years, graduated from Medical School (Medical University of Innsbruck) and continue to study dental medicine in Innsbruck.